Thank you for this brave writing. I too sometimes feel like a fraud when people benefit from my writing about my recovery, especially on days when I am holding on by a thread.

I have to remind myself I've recovered more than anyone thought possible. I shouldn't be where I am today. I'm successful by many measurements when I was condemned to failure and told I was 100% disabled with mental illness for the rest of my life.

You too have achieved great success, particularly with your writing. We have bad days - my goodness they are bad - but we have more good days than we were meant to and for that I am thankful beyond measure.

When tragedies happen like the death of Sinead O'Connor I sometimes wonder why I survived when others didn't. I'm certainly not stronger than others and I don't subscribe to any religion. More than anything, I got lucky.

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The inclusion of verbal behavior as "domestic violence" has been used in the NJ courts (at least), for decades. I worked there.

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Another great piece, George. And your loving and monster story and “doing better than most!” sounds utterly and eerily familiar my friend.

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