Not Until Now

As I return to writing this newsletter I’ve decided to make things a lot more honest, and even more revelatory of the struggles and successes of a life spent trying to manage bipolar disorder. I’ve learned a lot studying and writing about research into mental illness and presenting ideas about therapies and practices which can be used to live well with a mood disorder. I’ve met with a little success. I’ve got two books published, which sold a few copies, and I have some readers of this newsletter who have been in touch to let me know that I have made a positive impact on their lives. This makes it all worthwhile, which is important. Because I’m not well-known enough to make any real money as a mental health advocate, but I am searchable enough to ensure that, given the stigma against those with mental illness and the misunderstanding of the potential and capabilities of those with mental illness, my notoriety severely limits my job prospects.

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