Practicing Mental Illness

Here’s information on how to predict, prevent and manage episodes of anxiety, depression and mania, plus insightful views on thriving with mental illness. Includes content from “Getting Older With Bipolar,” a review of research on mental illness, and details on how to use meditation, movement and meaningful work to live well and improve your mental health.

After a series of hospitalizations and a lot of bad behavior, George Hofmann managed to overcome the worst of bipolar disorder by adding practices in focused attention to the usual therapies of medicine and talk.  He writes for and teaches others with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder how to do the same. 

Today, George lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, their daughter and two poorly behaved dogs.  He is the author of Practicing Mental Illness - Meditation, Movement and Meaningful Work to Manage Challenging Moods and Resilience: Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis from Changemakers Books. Get in touch at

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